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Grid and Rack Lifter

The Grid Lifter makes it easy for you to grip and lift cooking grids and racks on all Primo Grills. [part #777] Learn more


The V-Rack can be used to hold large cuts of beef, pork or poultry. Invert the rack as shown here to hold multiple racks of ribs. [Oval XL, Kamado, part #335] Learn more

Premium Rib Rack

The Premium Rib Rack can smoke up to NINE full racks of ribs (Oval Junior and Kamado, up to FIVE). [Oval XL, part #341; Oval Jr, Kamado, part #342] Learn more

Ash Tool

Use the stainless steel Ash Tool to easily clean out ashes from the bottom vent door or to stir your lump charcoal. [part #776] Learn more

Extended Racks

Our Extended Cooking Racks are a great addition to your Primo and almost double your cooking capacity! Turn one of your main cooking racks on the Oval XL or Oval Junior to its lowest positions, add two Extended Racks, and you’ll have 4 levels of cooking space. (1 rack) [Oval XL, Kamado, part #332; Oval Jr, part #312] Learn more

Quick Lights

Use one or two sticks to quickly and easily start your lump charcoal. We even provide a place on the box to strike your Primo Quick Lights. [part #609] Learn more

Natural Lump Charcoal

Use Primo Natural Lump Charcoal to fuel your Primo Grill. Natural lump charcoal burns cleaner, hotter, longer and produces less ash than briquette style charcoal. Each bag contains 20 pounds of lump charcoal. [part #608] Learn more

Grill Covers

We offer high quality and durable covers to fit every Primo Grill whether outfitted in our large Cypress Table or our Classic Cradle. [Oval XL, Kamado in Cradle, part #409; Oval XL, Kamado in Table, part #410; Oval Jr in Cradle, part #413; Oval XL in Compact Table, Oval XL in Cart, Oval Jr in Table, part #414; Oval XL in a built-in application, part# 416; Oval Jr. in 320 cart, part# 415]] Learn more

Cart with Stainless Steel Side Tables

Our sturdy cart with stainless steel side tables is a great companion for your Oval XL. This cart gives you protection and mobility! The cart measures 45″ wide by 25″ deep. It’s a perfect height at 32″ and has 4 revolving and lockable wheels. [Oval XL 400, part #310; Oval JR 200, part #320] Learn more


The sturdy metal Cradle for the Oval Junior and Kamado gives you durability and mobility. Each cradle has 4 revolving wheels, 2 of which are lockable. [Oval Jr, part #306; Kamado, part #300]. Optional stainless steel or wooden side tables give you space for plates and accessories. 2 side tables are included. [Oval Jr steel, part #307; Kamado steel, part #303; Kamado wooden, part #301] Learn more

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