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Primo Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce

Specialty base sauce created just for Primo by well-known spice and sauce developer John Henry.  A great foundation to create your own special flavor or just use the sauce as is to marinate or baste any foods. [Part# 505] Learn more

Multi-purpose Round Rack (2n1)

2-N-1 Multi-purpose Round Rack, designed to be used both as an extended cooking rack and, when inverted, as a drip pan pack for the Kamado.  When inverted and combined with a 13″ Primo Pizza Stone (part# 340/350, sold separately), provides true convection grilling.  [Part# 330] Learn more

Cast Iron Grate

Our half-moon cast iron grate for the Primo Oval XL or Oval Jr. is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron for retaining heat. It’s the ideal way to sear meats, locking in juices when grilling at high temperatures.  [Oval XL, part# 361; Oval Jr., part# 363] Learn more

Cast Iron Griddle

Our half-moon cast iron griddle for the Primo Oval XL or Oval Jr. is perfect to frying eggs, making pancakes, sautéing vegetables and much more! It’s uniquely designed with a smooth surface on one side and a grooved surface on the other, along with a convenient drip collection system.  [Oval XL, part# 360; Oval Jr., part# 362] Learn more

Teak Table

Our hand-made Teak Table for the Oval XL and Oval Jr. is designed with mortise and tenon construction for extra strength and long-lasting use.  The Oval XL table measures 59″ wide by 37″ deep and the Oval Jr. table measures 45″ wide by 32.5″ deep. Both provide plenty of space for cooking plates and other Primo accessories.  Each table is the perfect height at 32.75″ and has 4 large (2 locking and 2 non-locking) wheels. [Oval XL 400, part# 603; Oval JR 200, part# 610] Learn more

Firebox Divider

Use our handy Firebox Divider in your Primo Oval XL or Oval Junior to partition the firebox. This allows you to cook using direct heat on one side of the grill and indirect on the other side! Or it will allow you to only use half of your grill for smaller cookouts.
(Note: Shown here in the lower grate which comes with your grill; it is not included with the Firebox Divider). [Oval XL, part #334; Oval Large, part#344, Oval Jr, part # 314] Learn more

Pizza & Baking Stone

The Primo Pizza Stone is perfect for baking great tasting pizza and other dishes on your Primo. Available glazed and unglazed and in two sizes, 16 inches and 13 inches.

[16" glazed, part #338] [16" unglazed, part #348] [13" glazed, part #340] [13" unglazed, part #350] Learn more

Chicken & Turkey Sitters

Fill the ceramic sitter with your favorite juice or beverage. Position the poultry on the sitter and place it on a 350 degree preheated Primo. After approximately 60 minutes your poultry will be cooked to perfection! [Chicken Sitter, part #336; Turkey Sitter, part #337] Learn more

Deflector Plates

Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates. Use D Plates in combination with Drip Pan Racks to allow you to cook using indirect heat on your Primo. (Set of 2; Drip Pan Racks required). [Oval XL, Kamado, part #324; Oval Jr, part #325] Learn more

Drip Pan Racks

The lower Drip Pan Racks can be used to hold a drip pan to collect juices or to hold your favorite cooking liquid, enhancing the flavor or your food. They are also used with the ceramic D-Plates for indirect heat cooking! (Set of 2) [Oval XL, Kamado, part #333; Oval Jr, part #313] Learn more

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